Technical Stuff

Our Garments

All our garments are made in the UK from 100% soft cotton. There are a few exceptions, our Boiler Suits/Overalls, Hi Vis Jackets and Hard Hats.  We have been using the same UK company for all our cotton garments for many years and found the consistence in quality and finish to the highest standard. Our cotton garments are not the cheap thin wash once and they miss shape. These are the highest quality, designed to last, weight approx. 200gsm. All the wording on our garments are printed using a high quality Vinyl Flex.

Vinyl Flex

Vinyl Flex’ is the product we use to print on our garments. It is a high quality polyurethane film with a smooth matt finish. It is soft and flexible allowing the film to move with the garment. The raw materials that go into making the flex are ecologically inert and do not contain PVC, plasticizers or heavy metals.

The process from getting the ‘Vinyl Flex’ from its roll to the garment is time consuming as everything is done by hand. But this process produces the highest quality finish that will last a lifetime.

The Vinyl Flex arrives on a roll, we then cut the required wordings/shapes on a plotter. The waste is then hand weeded out leaving the wordings/logos to be printed on the garment.  Each garment is heat pressed three times at a temperature of 175°C (350°F). The first press is to remove any moisture from the garment, the second press then adds the wordings/logo to the garment and the third press is, what we call the ‘wash press’, this makes sure that the vinyl is firmly adhered to the garment.

Using an industrial heat press, at such a high temperature, melts the ‘Vinyl Flex’ into the top layer of fibers in the garment.  This guarantees that the wordings/logos will not peel, split or fade even after many washes.

Though it is not recommended that all our garment are washed no hotter than 40°C, due to them being 100% cotton, the ‘Vinyl Flex’ will withstand being washed up to 60°C.

Printed Transfer

We can also print complex coloured pictures & logos etc. A printed transfer is different to vinyl, though the process of attaching it to a garment is similar, the life expectancy is shorter. A printed transfer sticks to the surface of the garment and being a print it will fade and possibly start to craze/crack after a number of washes.  This does not happen immediately but will start to fade the more it is washed.

Garment Care

Please wash your garment inside out.  Wash no hotter than the recommended 40 degrees. Do not Iron on the print side, iron inside out on a low setting.  All our 100% cotton garments can be tumble dried, but due to the nature of natural cotton, only tumble on a low heat setting. Following these basic guidelines will prolong the life of your printed garment.